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Rexel s position at the core of the energy world value chain grants it a key role and a responsibility to promote sustainable social and environmental practices among all of its stakeholders. With the firm belief that this ambition is also a growth driver, Rexel has committed itself to a continuous progress approach to sustainable development.

A value co-creation process

Energy management, a powerful lever for fighting climate change and protecting the environment, is a driver of economic growth and contributes to improving the comfort and safety of end-users. It is one of the fundamentals of Rexel s value co-creation and performance improvement processes.

The materiality assessment conducted in 2015 helped identify the expectations of all of the Group s internal and external stakeholders and define its priority actions. The materiality assessment is the cornerstone of the Group s approach and commitments, which are grouped into three pillars:

The Group s ambition is to align its activities with the Sustainable Development Goals in order to create value for all stakeholders in the energy world.


Patrick Berard, Rexel CEO