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PHOTO CREDITS: P.1: gallery stock/Mike Tauber. P.3: gallery stock/Daniel Hundven-Clements - Capa Pictures/Pierre Olivier. P.4: gallery stock/Daniel Hundven-Clements. P.21: Capa Pictures/Augustin Détienne. P.36: Capa Pictures/Pierre Olivier. P.37: Capa Pictures/Franck Rogozienski - Thomas Lang - Rexel Photo Library. P.39: Capa Pictures/Pierre Olivier. P.40: Thomas Lang. P.41: Franck Artuso. P.42: iStock - Capa Pictures/Pierre Olivier. P.43: Capa Pictures/Pierre Olivier. P.44-45: Rexel Photo Library. P.47: Thomas Lang. P.48: Capa Pictures/ Franck Rogozienski. P.49: Capa Pictures/Pierre Olivier. P.50-51: Fotolia. P.52: Fotolia. P.53: Getty/Monty Rakusen - Capa Pictures/Lionel Moreau. P.55: Thomas Lang. P.56: iStock. P.57: Fotolia - Thomas Lang. P.58-59: Rexel Photo Library. P.61: Rexel Photo Library. P.62: Capa Pictures/ Franck Rogozienski - Rexel Photo Library. P.63: Rexel Photo Library. P.64: Fotolia. P.65: Capa Pictures/Franck Rogozienski. P.66: Matthieu Arene - Fotolia - iStock.

CONCEPT AND PRODUCTION: / Sandrine Gazal, Marie-Hélène Moudingo, Violaine Bavouzet

COPY: Isabelle Huchet TRANSLATION: Katrin Dubreuil, Oana Gulei Jan ART DIRECTOR: Zoo, designers graphiques LAYOUT: Béatrice Fraval, Delphine Delaroche PRINTING: Olivier Blachère/E-Graphics PUBLICATION: July 2018

This document was produced by the General Secretary of the Rexel Group. Rexel thanks all those of its partners and employees who contributed to the texts and photographs included in the document. The information herein is available in further detail online at and at the dedicated Activity and Sustainable Development Report website

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