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+13% in digital sales vs. 2016in Group sales

in the fourth quarter of 2017


sales increase in 2017 vs. 2016


investing in service platforms in several European countries and redefining branch assortment in key European countries as well as the US.

Our second pillar is increased selectivity in capital allocation in order to focus our energies and resources on our main countries, and we have made headway on that front as well. With the disposal of our activities in South- East Asia, we have achieved 17% of our disposal plan, which should lead, once completed, to a reduction in sales of about 800 million euros and to an improvement of the Group s

profitability. This increased selectivity is also evident in our capital expenditure: 56% of our 2017 investments went to IT and digitization.

Our third pillar is improving operations in key geographies, and we can check that box as well. In the UK, we have moved from five banners to two; in the Netherlands, we have reshaped the business with a revamped offer and an optimized footprint; in the US, we have opened new branches and counters, invested in the sales force and training, boosted digitization,

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