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Market trends will drive growth in the coming years. - Metropolitan areas: Mega-cities - lndustrial renovation - lndustry 4.0 - Large infrastructure projects - Energy efficiency - Renovation in residential driven by ageing of buildings and new norms - Conversion to connected buildings

Core business offers strong opportunities. - Energy efficiency: USD231Bn investment in energy efficiency in 2016. - Charging stations for electric vehicles: EU-wide, 8 million charging stations are targeted and electric car fleet is expected to reach 20 million vehicles by 2020 - IoT: 30 billion connected devices expected by 2020 (up from 15 billion in 2015) and over USD470Bn of annual revenues for IoT vendors by 2020.

PROXIMITY (representing c. 60% of Group sales) Branch or counter openings, acceleration of the multichannel approach and constant improvement of the service level

PROJECTS (representing c. 25% of Group sales) Industrialization of the offer process of products and solutions to customers managing industrial and commercial projects

SPECIALTY (representing c. 15% of Group sales) Increase of the ability to meet specific requirements for specialized products and solutions


Priorities per business approach