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. Develop energy management solutions for our customers and for society at large - Providing energy management and energy efficiency products and solution - Developing renewable energy solutions - Raising awareness of energy management issues - Improving access to energy efficiency for all . Promote responsible practices across the value chain - Promoting a sustainable and shared- value relationship with suppliers - Establishing sustainable relationships with customers - Driving health and safety in the value chain - Developing the circular economy in the value chain . Improve the social and environmental performance of the Group's operations - Supporting and engaging employees - Reducing Rexel s carbon footprint - Reducing the Group s resource consumption - Reinforcing the ethics and compliance policy

For each of these three priority actions, the Group has set a goal to be achieved by 2020: - Double its sales of energy efficient products and services (compared to 2011) - Reduce the carbon footprint of its operations by at least 30% (compared to 2010)

- Assess the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance of its suppliers representing 80% of its direct purchase volume (in value)

2017, a landmark year

The year 2017 marked an important milestone in the Group s sustainable development strategy. Two of the three goals set for 2020 were reached, a particularly noteworthy result given that these objectives, set in 2014-2015, were ambitious. At the same time, Rexel broadened its approach on several fronts, upstream and downstream of the value chain.

The goal of doubling sales of energy efficient products and services was achieved in 2017. This significant growth was driven by Rexel s offering perfect match with one of its end- markets structural trends: lower energy consumption. Indeed, Rexel offers a wide range of products and services to improve energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Their construction, renovation, or maintenance now largely involves the energy efficient products and energy monitoring solutions sold by the Group.

The objective of reducing the Group s carbon emissions by 30% (Scopes 1 and 2) was also achieved in 2017. In order to shrink its environmental footprint, Rexel is constantly improving