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HIGHLIGHTS Optimized supply chain, connected solutions, social innovation: at the heart of the energy world, Rexel transforms its model to better serve its stakeholders.

An automated branch in Basel

With its relocation in 2017, the Basel branch acquired an Autostore. Representing a true innovation in logistics, and already in use at four of the Group s other locations, this fully automated storage and preparation solution optimizes the storage conditions of close to 15,000 products and allows customers to enjoy even faster service.

Fighting fuel poverty through innovation

On its Innovation Day in May 2017, the Rexel Foundation and its partners awarded the project Colibri, which was designed by participants to fight fuel poverty in the area of single-family housing. Offering free, personalized energy saving advice, this community development solution receives financial support from the Rexel Foundation.

A breakthrough in the Australian market

Rexel Australia won a contract for the NorthConnex project which provides for the construction of a nine-kilometer road tunnel in the Sydney region. This foothold was followed by a contract for the management of procurement and leading-edge logistics services, notably with the support of a dedicated branch near the work site.


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