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#Our renewed product offering Present primarily in the individual residential market, Rexel has extended its offering to the collective residential and commercial markets with solutions scaled to cover the number of cars to charge, the requisite level of affordability and the type of powering, whether classic or solar. These packages include the assessment of existing needs in order to find the most appropriate solution, completing subsidy applications, obtaining lease financing if needed, and setting up the system itself via contacts with certified installers. Also in the housing sector, Rexel

proposes a home controller: Energeasy Connect. Available in ambiance or modular (i.e. ready to incorporate into the electrical board) versions, it enables users to manage their equipment locally or remotely. It can be radio-operated as well as adapted to a fixed-wire installation. A means of smart home democratization, it allows users to discover home automation with an initial application at a very affordable price and then progressively add other uses, including automating existing equipment. As it is interoperable, Energeasy Connect functions with most existing protocols, which still vary considerably from one brand to another.